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Engineering Capabilities


SECANT is specialized in engineering design, validation, prototyping, and system integration for defence and aerospace industries. We provide design & development engineering services at every step of the Product / System Development cycle in accordance with customer requirements.

  • Strong Engineering & Project Experience

  • Deep Knowledge of Platform Development in Defence & Aerospace

  • High Skilled Engineering Team

  • Advanced Engineering Software & Tools

  • Cooperation with Expert Institutions & Authorities

  • Military & Aerospace Standarts  

     (Mil-Std, AEP, Stanag, ITOP, EASA, SAE, FAA…etc.)


SECANT acts with advanced methodological approaches in evaluating design needs and providing solutions. The process starts with the definition of the problem and the necessity analysis, follows the process of developing conceptual approaches, maturing designs, selecting the most suitable solution and proceed to the detail design.

Our philosophy is providing the most reliable, robust and efficient solution considering such as manufacturability, serviceability sustainability, etc. issues during the design phase.

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